Living and being healthy today is like a “cloud” of confusion! But Deeper Health’s mission is quite simple: I seek to bring renewed energy, reduced anxiety, illumined mood, and diminished symptoms to all who’ve had their “ah-ha” moment and are ready to restore their health holistically.


Using state-of-the-art lab testing and a functional medicine approach (that includes looking at the totality of the person—mind, body, spirit), I help my clients by uncovering imbalances resulting from diet, toxicity, poor detoxification, lack of exercise (or over-exercising), environmental challenges, endocrine disruption, diminished capacity to metabolize carbs, proteins and fats, neural tissue integrity, and immune system dysfunction. Correcting these imbalances is key to restoring functionality and good health.

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test (HTMA) is a very simple and super valuable test that measures the mineral content of the hair. Yes, it’s that simple! Twenty-one minerals are measured (five of which are toxic metals), and the balance between these minerals. Their interaction with vitamins and macronutrients is critical. HTMA provides a metabolic blueprint that gives a snapshot of adrenal and thyroid function, energy levels, hormonal balance, inflammation, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, and immune system function that cannot be detected with blood tests because hair will reflect the deficiencies and excesses that exist on the cellular level. It can take years before a blood test reveals such imbalances because most often when symptoms start (or even persist), the underlying causes are sub-clinical and not detectable through blood testing. Hair testing will show these imbalances despite blood tests showing normal, in-range results, often long before onset of disease (and sometimes even before symptoms are present).

The Vibrant Wellness Whole Food Panel 1 tests for major food categories including meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, fish, grains, spices, seeds and nuts. The Food Zoomers (for which there are a total of 9 to choose from) test for the individual protein fragments, which is most helpful in identifying food sensitivities and cross reactions with different foods. Sensitivities are not true allergies, but they cause an immune reaction in the body resulting in an inflammatory response. Over time, this is an enormous stress on the body and can lead to autoimmune disease, weakened immune system, gut permeability, and an overburdened liver (which will also negatively impact hormone balance).

The Vibrant Wellness Gut Zoomer test provides the most comprehensive analysis of the gut and microbiome in the large intestine. Over 170 different species of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are included, as well as commensal (good) bacteria markers. The Gut Zoomer provides actionable recommendations for potential risks that include IBS/IBD, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Liver disease, Neurological function, Cardiovascular health, Nutrition, Autoimmune diseases, and Immune function. Additional food sensitivity testing is also available through Vibrant Wellness. As the old saying goes, “health begins in the gut”.

At Deeper Health, I believe educating clients is critical to their success. Although making connections across multiple metabolic systems can be quite complex, I try to keep things simple and provide a step-by-step protocol when guiding each person on their unique journey to regaining and maintaining good health. I focus on the gut and detoxification systems because it is impossible to experience deep healing without identifying and rectifying dysfunction and imbalances in these 2 systems.


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