It’s a well-known fact that most successful athletes, singers/performers, and business leaders have coaches, and many of them attribute their success to their coaches. Why? What do coaches really do for their clients?

“Ingredients” of a Good Coach

The first and most important characteristic of any coach: a total and complete understanding of the client’s goal(s); this is true for all coaches, no matter the type of coaching, for each client. Good coaching is analogous to a GPS that provides step-by-step directions; without it, the client will not reach their destination (goals). Secondly, a coach must not only have the right tools, but must know how & what tools to use to achieve the goal(s) for a successful result. I will elaborate on Deeper Health’s tools and how these tools are used further down in this article.

Dynamics of Coach—Client Relationship

Most coaches offer an initial free consultation to determine 2 key factors: the client’s goals AND if the client’s needs will benefit from the coach’s services. Before the coaching process even begins, it’s key to assess if a relationship can be established based on mutual trust; the client must trust the coach to lead, teach and guide, and the coach must trust the client to comply with the guidelines and recommendations they provide.

The 3 “A’s” of Successful Coaching

In addition to analyzing, guiding and educating, what is the essence of successful coaching (I call these the 3 “A’s”)?

  1. Affirmation—the coach meets the client where they’re at and provides encouragement and emotional support for the journey. This is critical to achieving successful results, as the client must feel supported and encouraged throughout the process, especially when the journey becomes challenging, so they can stay focused and committed to the program.
  2. Accountability—the coach must be present and available to the client; clients need to understand that the changes required of them will be the difference between achieving their goals or not. The coach must recognize if the client becomes confused or loses focus, feels overwhelmed, or begins to lose sight of the goal(s) and/or hope. The client must understand that they are in control; the coach’s role is to educate, guide, assist, and inspire.
  3. Advocacy—clients need to feel that the coach is genuinely pulling for them; it’s critical that the coach continues to motivate and communicate the client’s progress as they work together. The coach must validate the client’s changing needs along the path to successfully reaching the goal(s).

Determination vs Discipline

Determination is a vital component when one sets a goal and is working toward achieving it, but determination alone will not ensure a positive result because it’s inconsistent; it rises and falls, mainly because of mood and emotions. Discipline, on the other hand, is what keeps one going despite moods and emotions (i.e. fear of failing, quitting due to lack of willpower). Discipline is what drives people to succeed despite how they think or feel—it’s the power from deep within to keep going no matter what. Discipline is a must if we are to succeed in all aspects of life (diet, exercise, career, relationships, etc.).

Deeper Health Coaching

At Deeper Health, I offer potential clients an initial free consultation, and if I deem my services will benefit a client and they embrace a holistic approach to begin their healing journey, they can choose from several different services that are offered.

A comprehensive intake form gives me a snapshot of a person’s lifestyle which allows me to form an initial impression of what factors may be causing their symptoms. Depending upon the package they choose, Iab tests may be run to determine underlying issues causing dysfunction. The intake form, health history, current lifestyle, and lab tests are all tools I use to analyze and correlate symptoms to the “hidden” stressors that are causing dysfunction and dis-ease.

Together, we work towards achieving the client’s goal(s) by incorporating lifestyle changes including Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress reduction and Supplements (DRESS). Identifying and understanding the combination of factors that cause inflammation and affect metabolism and immune response are critical to restoring balance and function in the body, which often results in increased energy & vitality, and reduction or resolution of symptoms.

Famous Words

In the words of Bill McCartney, former American football player, coach, and founder of Promise Keepers Men’s Ministry, “All coaching is, is taking a player [person] where he/she can’t take his/herself.”  Deeper Health is offering you the opportunity to work with a passionate health coach that will accompany you on a healing journey so you can restore good health naturally.

If you’re ready to take the 1st step in transforming your life, click here for your FREE consultation.