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New Year’s 2020 Eliminate Toxins Tournament

As a new year (and new decade) is almost here, I am encouraging you to make a SIMPLE but powerful RESOLUTION: start eliminating toxins from your daily life. You can begin this process by entering the Tournament and you will also get a chance to win a FREE Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test & consultation with me to analyze results and review recommendations (a $449 Value)! See details below.

The Hair Tissue Mineral test measures 16 nutrient minerals & 5 toxic metals to assess mineral imbalances and toxicity levels that directly and indirectly affect:

►adrenal/thyroid function                                                                            ►energy levels                                               ►sugar/carbohydrate tolerance

►immune system function                                                                            ►inflammation                                              ►hormonal balance

What you put on your body is as vital as what you put in your body to maintain optimal health. Personal hygiene and household/cleaning products you choose are critical to reducing the toxic load on your body (and your mind). Most name brand cleaning and personal care products, including those used in hair salons, contain carcinogenic ingredients, neurotoxins, and allergens that trigger a host of symptoms and reactions that ultimately lead to metabolic dysfunction. 

Anxiety and depression are so rampant in our society today and are linked to high levels of toxicity in the body because adrenal function is impaired. Other symptoms often reported are headaches, chronic pain, intestinal problems, hormonal and mood imbalance, and decreased thyroid and immune function. It’s reported that 26 seconds is all it takes for these toxins to enter the bloodstream once applied to skin, hair, nails, or by inhalation of these chemicals into our respiratory system. 

I’ve replaced all my personal hygiene and cleaning products with dōTERRA products and essential oils that are free of toxic, artificial chemicals and made with organic ingredients, fruit extracts and plant botanicals, AND I’m challenging you to do the same! Quality is critical for me and is why I chose dōTERRA. They have industry-leading quality control, and their products are 3rd party tested by APRC (Aromatic Plant Research Center). Additionally, dōTERRA’s essential oils are all tested multiple times from extraction to bottling and all essential oils are labeled Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Here’s a few of my dōTERRA favorites:

►On-Guard Essential Oil                                                      ►On-Guard Cleaner Concentrate                                                  ►On-Guard Toothpaste

►Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion                                                    ►Deodorant with Balance Blend                                                   ►Frankincense Essential Oil

►Hydrating Face Cream                                                       ►Salon Essentials Shampoo                                                           ►Lemon Essential Oil

New Year’s 2020 Tournament Details: For each toxic product you eliminate and replace with a dōTERRA product, your name will automatically have 1 entry into the Tournament. The more products you purchase, the more chances you have to win; 2 products purchased = 2 entries, 3 products = 3 entries, etc. Tournament will run from January 1st through February 29th (purchases made during this time period only will be eligible for tournament entries). Winner will be notified on March 9th. Click here to order your dōTERRA products. May you all be blessed with joy, prosperity and good health in 2020 and always!

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