Herbal supplements are a key part of the protocols I use to eradicate pathogens, support endocrine, immune, detox and musculoskeletal systems. Bringing balance to the metabolic systems is key to deeper healing.

Quality is critical, so I have chosen to partner with Doctors Supplement Store because they contract with manufacturers that have documented and demonstrated purity and successful results. There are no chemicals nor toxins in any of these products I recommend, and you can be assured that you will use only the finest quality supplements available on the market, directly from reputable manufacturers that serve the healthcare industry proudly.

Types of Supplements I recommend:

  • Herbs (liquid, capsules, topical)
  • Adaptogens (specific superfoods & herbs that help the body “adapt” to stressors)
  • Homeopathy (tinctures, pellets)
  • Vitamins (target specific)

Custom “DRESS” protocols designed for each client—we are all unique and once size DOES NOT fit all!

Unless otherwise directed, you can purchase recommended supplements here: www.dssorders.com/dh

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